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Beginnings and Endings

David Martin, the founder of our wonderful company, died this morning at 3:30.  He had been ill with cancer, which had progressed swiftly over the past weeks.

Dave was the living embodiment of the classic, American entrepreneurial spirit.  With his partner, George Woltz, he founded the company on July 5th, 1965.  (He would have done it on the 4th, but that was a Sunday).  He believed that the best service we could provide our clients was to spark dramatic gains in their market share through advertising that was dramatically different; more creative, more compelling.  It was a source of great pride to him that this founding principle remains the foundation our company today.

Chairman Emeritus Harry Jacobs and I had the great gift of seeing Dave yesterday, and interviewing him on video for the archives of the agency.  I asked him what wish he had for you, and for the people who will join our company in the years ahead.  He said, “Be true to yourself.  If you’re not true to who you are you have nothing.”  He urged you to continue to produce advertising, in all its forms, that is different, vibrant, better.

Let’s get on it.  It’s what we do best.  There’s a very big name on the front door to remind us.


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