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Having a Ball

The Martin Agency
Team Martin Agency
The Most Awesome soccer team in our current division at SCOR!

The Martin Agency has a soccer team, a team I have been playing on for two years. It existed before me and will exist after me. My name is Nicole and I "manage" the team. Some people refer to me as captain, or coach, but I prefer to be called manager. I simply organize the roster. I'm not the best on the team. I don't give great pep talks and I don't bring orange slices to munch on at halftime. I am part of the team. A team that a year ago might have laughed in the faces of anyone who said we would win our division in our indoor soccer league. I don't want to say we were bad a year ago, but...we didn't win…hardly ever. We were dedicated and tried our best, and to me, that is all that matters. But to most, having some wins on the board is very important. Over the past year our team has honed in on playing our positions and the individual skill level has increased 10 times over. We are now a team that plays like one. There are no weak links and it's been clear this past season that we are now a force to be reckoned with!

This team has a bond. Sure, we all work for The Martin Agency, but to be honest, our paths may never have crossed if it wasn't for the team. I can now say I have friends that work at Martin Local, are account execs, producers, creatives and even a friend that helps run "Image Now" (whatever that is!). That is the beautiful part about a team sport. You work together, depend on each other and want to put your best foot forward (specifically connecting with a ball that will go into a goal).

I want to extend thanks to the dedicated members of the soccer team and to Allison Mays, Beth Rilee-Kelley and The Martin Agency for funding our team — session to session, year to year. Playing soccer is my favorite thing to do every week. I hate missing games and wish we could play everyday. I know I'm not the only one that feels that way.

We are currently in the midst of our outdoor session. If you want to come out to our games and show some support you can check the schedule here: And if you want to join the team we'll have openings on our roster for our next indoor session this fall. Just give me a shout!


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