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Surviving Account Management Fun Day 2012

It started like any other Monday — I arrived at the office, iced coffee in hand, running into an internal status meeting. What was different about this Monday, though, was in an hour I'd get on a bus and go to a Flying Squirrels game. Little did I know, we'd all return from that game soaking wet as comrades who had all laughed in the face of death. OK, I'm being dramatic about the death part, but it was pretty scary....

Account Management Fun Day was held at the Diamond this year. There was lots and lots of booze, food and a raffle that consisted of a 51-inch HDTV, iPads and vacation days. Nutzy, the team's mascot, stopped by and danced with a few folks (yeah, I saw that go down, Beau). There was some great Minor League ball in the background — although the home team lost. We had free reign of the park and good company to share it with.

Suddenly the skies got dark. The wind started to howl, rain fell in horizontal sheets, the power went in and out, and the left field wall fell down. The ushers started moving us into the bathrooms that would serve as concrete shelters in case the storm elevated to a tornado. So it was about this time, in true Martin form, we started to celebrate “the most memorable department outing ever.” And now we can stake claim that we survived Account Management Fun Day 2012.


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