Adweek Calls GEICO Pre-Roll "As Entertaining As Possible"

February 07, 2017

Geico Crushes Its New Preroll Ads Down to Nothing, So You Don’t Have to Keep Watching Them

Latest fun and goofy evolution of 'Unskippable'

By Tim Nudd

Geico keeps making its preroll ads as entertaining as possible, mostly by acknowledging that you probably don’t want to watch them at all. In its latest preroll campaign from The Martin Agency, that means condensing the ads down to nothing—by crushing them very literally indeed.

“The following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience,” the familiar Geico voiceover says at the beginning of each spot. The wall on the left side of the scene then begins to move right, amusingly crushing everything in its path—Star Wars trash compactor style—as the talent scrambles to contain the damage, or just get out of the way.

Check out a bunch of the ads here, including some extended versions:

Geico has been making fun and innovative prerolls for a few years, beginning with “Unskippable,” which memorably put the ending of the ads at the beginning. (Adweek named “Unskippable” the best ad campaign of 2015.) A second campaign, last year, fast-forwarded through the middle of the ads entirely, making you wonder what you’d missed (you could click to go back and find out).

Of the new “Crushed” work, a rep for The Martin Agency tells AdFreak: “Confronted with a familiar challenge—keeping viewers from hating an ad they’re forced to watch—we asked ourselves how we could use the medium to entertain and engage. The answer? Take a longer preroll ad and compress it. Literally. The result is five unique pre-roll videos ‘condensed for your viewing convenience.’ “

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"Crushed" on Creativity

February 07, 2017

Geico's New Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally 'Condensed for Your Convenience'

Another Hilarious Way to Engage Online Viewers

By Alexandra Jardine. Published on Feb 07, 2017

Following its Unskippable and Fast Forward pre-roll campaigns, Geico has come up with another ingenious way to get viewers engaging with pre-roll ads.

The Martin Agency's latest set of ads are announced by a voiceover which informs you that the ad "has been condensed for your convenience." And it literally has -- in each scenario the entire set is "crushed" by a wall sliding from left to right. Various scenarios, including a pottery class (seen here -- there's also a funny extended ending), a massagetwo guys playing racquetball and a crew of grocery store employees stacking shelves, are wrecked, while the characters chat throughout about saving money with Geico.

Clever and funny, the spots were directed by Terri Timely at Park Pictures (the same duo responsible for "Unskippable").

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Advice From One Cannes Judge to Another

February 03, 2017

"Enjoy the process. This group will never ever be in the same room again together."

Joe Alexander

This is a chance for this year's Presidents to get the advice of their predecessors - the really useful stuff that only another Jury President would know. 

This week, Deutsch’s Chief Creative Officer Pete Favat speaks to his counterpart Joe Alexander, Chief Creative Officer at the Martin Agency. Joe went so far as to produce a special book for his jurors, with advice, illustrations and mantras to guide them through the process. 

Pete Favat: There is bound to be lots of talk, discussion, and perhaps a squabble or three as we narrow down Film winners. Can you share three key tips for keeping the process moving forward, and of course maintaining the peace?

Joe Alexander: “Avoid politics. The film jury can be especially political. Blocs can form for regions, counties, networks. The staff does a great job hindering this. One tip: Move people around every day, sitting in new spots. Let them get to know the whole room and sit by people they don’t know.

“Watch out for rabbit holes. It’s easy to get side-tracked and slowed down by too much debate. Keep things moving. You don’t want to hear “I’ve seen it before.” Get jurors to tell you and have the Festival staff look into it. It’s a drag on the room and often sends it spinning.

“Give everyone a voice. Inevitably there are a couple jurors who are shy and very quiet. Often it’s a language thing. Give them a chance to always weigh in.

“Be present. Keep the phone off. Stay focused. Enjoy the process. This group will never ever be in the same room again together.”

PF: Grand Prix versus Gold. Did you have hard set guidelines for jurors?

JA: “When the audience sees the medals on Saturday night, they will be judging you personally. Be selective. Winning a Gold is very, very rare. Winning a GP is going to live way beyond the year. Make sure it’s something never seen before. In idea, execution, craft, etc.”

PF: How do I get everyone out of there as a reasonable hour?

JA: “It’s your job to know all the rules, deadlines and critical decisions. Use your Festival coordinator in the room who will be awesome. You can’t remind the room enough about the rules. Before we started every day, I went through an agenda and goals for the day. You can’t do that enough – creative people are ADD as you know.”

PF: Who arranged your wardrobe last year? You looked amazing!

JA: "That was my very stylish wife. :)"

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Martin NY MD Talks Diversity in the Industry

January 25, 2017

Equality Within Creativity: Ad Agencies Work Toward Greater Gender Diversity

When national organization She Runs It (formerly Advertising Women of New York, founded in 1934) partnered with EY and LinkedIn on a global study called "Accelerating the Path to Leadership for Women in Marketing and Media" to analyze the differences between men and women as they progress in their careers in the industry, the results were somewhat surprising: Nearly 50 percent of employees at media and creative agencies are women at the entry level, but that number then drops—in a hockey-stick pattern—to just 25 percent at the executive leadership level.

The study—which encompasses nearly 4 million people and more than 4,000 companies across seven subsectors—promoted the proverbial eyebrow raise around “the pervasive and dramatic angle of the hockey stick,” says She Runs It president and CEO Lynn Branigan. “Companies look at that and they’re baffled. They know what’s happening but they’re not sure why, and they’re not quite sure what to do about it.” 

“I believe even over the last couple of years, the drop-off has become worse,” says Amber Guild, managing director of Martin NY. “Something is clearly going on.”

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GEICO Takes Top Spot in Ad Awareness Ranking

January 24, 2017

Geico takes No. 1 spot on YouGov's first-ever 'Ad Awareness' ranking

by Kathryn Luttner

New survey reveals a gap between what brands spend and what viewers remember seeing.

With $1.28 billion spent on paid advertising in 2015, Geico doesn’t come close to cracking the list of the world’s 10 most prolific advertisers. But the insurance company with the famously quirky ads nonetheless grabbed the No. 1 spot in YouGov BrandIndex’s first-ever Ad Awareness Rankings, beating out bigger spenders like Verizon Wireless (No. 2) and AT&T (No. 4).

The new rankings are based on an always-on digital survey that poses a single multiple-choice question: Have you seen an ad from this brand within the past two weeks? Geico’s media spend indicates it should rarely have been the most popular answer. But the results suggest there is a gap between what viewers see and what they remember.

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Martin Named to Ad Age's Creativity Innovator List

January 23, 2017


The Martin Agency

Nontraditional thinking and campaigns with a positive cultural impact propelled the Martin Agency once again onto the Creativity Innovators list this year.

They included "World's Biggest Asshole," a provocative PSA for Donate Life, which wanted to reach male millennials and increase sign-up for organ donation. Drawing on stories about donor families being surprised that a family member had registered to be a donor because they were an "asshole" in life, the agency created a character, played by actor Thomas Jane, who's completely horrible in life but redeems himself in death through organ donation. The film had zero paid media, but Donate Life saw almost 30,000 new registrations afterward and organ donation registration was up 698% in five weeks.

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