In 1994, the Government Employees Insurance Company came to us with a challenge: take a low-interest category, an unfamiliar direct-to-consumer business model, an acronym no one could pronounce and an industry filled with scare tactics, and change everything. And we did, replacing fear with humor and adding multiple storylines and pop culture icons (i.e., a gecko, caveman and camel).

Results: In our 20+ years together, GEICO has grown from number eight to number two in the category and continues to grow. The work has also won a few awards along the way, too. But who’s counting?

Great Answer

If you’re looking to save money on car insurance, switching to GEICO is a great answer. So great, in fact, that it might just work for any question or dilemma. The new “Great Answer” campaign puts this notion to the test, beginning with a :30 TV commercial in which a very guilty defendant tries to weasel his way to freedom.