When we joined forces with Oreo in late 2012, the 100-year-old brand had all but reached its cookie ceiling. With impressive market share and a growing global presence, Oreo was the world’s favorite cookie, but their ambition had grown. In order to move from the world’s favorite cookie to one of the world’s most iconic brands, we had to tell a bigger story. The answer lay in the human value of wonder, a value that everyone, regardless of age, can identify with and a value that is at Oreo’s core. This renewed focus of Wonderfilled has contemporized the brand and sharpened our point-of-view. It has broadened our appeal, outperforming all expectations, and positioned Oreo for the future.

Results: The brand saw 12% consumption growth during launch month of June and 15% in July. In addition, the brand commanded 2% category share growth and their Twitter following more than tripled in the four-month launch period

Oreo Mini

Ever wonder where Oreo Mini comes from? "Mel's Mini Mini Mart" tells the charming story, reminding viewers not to overlook things just because they’re small. Chromeo reiterates this idea in "How Big You Wonder," putting their signature spin on the Wonderfilled song and inspiring anyone who has ever felt small to dream big. Because after all, it’s not how big you are, it’s how big you wonder.