Account Supervisor




Account Management

General Requirements

  • Approximately 5 to 7 years in Account Management at an Advertising Agency
  • Immense knowledge of the Advertising Account Management process - ability to jump in and hit the ground running
  • Maturity and strength under pressure
  • Appreciate the importance of good work and be able to help clients appreciate and buy great ideas
  • Leadership on your account and within the agency
  • Effectively manage, mentor and inspire junior team members – recognize their potential and help them do great work
  • Know how to run a profitable business - stay within budget etc.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills (written and oral)
  • Work well and create solid relationships with other agency departments and business units
  • Present yourself professionally within the agency and with our clients
  • Significant presentation skills
  • Desire to devote personal time to augment “on-the-job” training with personal reading, “extra-curricular” projects and seminars
  • Willingness to travel
  • 4 year degree                                                              

Responsibilities (organized by area of focus)

General across all areas

  • Manage the client’s expectations and build a positive and collaborative relationship with them
  • Support the Account Director in organizing and leading the account
  • Encourage strong team communication and collaboration
  • Set an example of morale and pride in the agency and its clients

Business Knowledge and Leadership

  • Adopt the language of your client’s business as your own and know their business better than they do
  • Use a long-term perspective and look to the future of the business
  • Help the client develop their marketing plan and align agency efforts to successfully meet business objectives using breakthrough ideas
  • Continually look for ways to move the business forward
  • Seek training opportunities in your client’s business and industry
  • Cultivate deep relationships with your clients and expand those relationships into other areas of business, up and down the chain of command

Strategic Planning

  • Ensure the direction and ideas being pursued by strategic planning support the clients’ overall marketing/business objectives
  • Use strategic planning to expand clients’ thinking
  • Enlist the planner to help secure greater business opportunities for the account and agency
  • Work with the planner to develop the most effective presentation for selling creative ideas and to develop and implement means to track and measure ROI (return on investment) specific to each account

Creative Development, Presentation and Production

  • Oversee creative development, relying on the Financial Manager, Project Manager and Account Executive to shepherd through daily details
  • Partner with the Creative Director and teams to strategize the presentation and sell-in of campaigns. 
  • Champion the expansion of an idea or concept through various mediums and agency business units.
  • Upon approval of advertising/campaign concepts, work with production departments in the general areas of schedule, bidding, estimate preparation and approval, pre and postproduction.
  • Insure that the client and agency are protected vis-à-vis legal, network clearance, talent negotiations and payments, rights and usage of materials.
  • In most cases, Account Supervisors will be responsible for attending and fulfilling the role of agency management representation at creative productions.


  • Work with the Media Supervisor to insure that a strong media strategy has been developed and assist them in getting timely approval of media plans

Financial Management

  • Partner with Financial Managers to ensure your account is on budget and remains profitable, ideally growing in revenue
  • Drive your account’s adherence to the agency’s Revenue Recognition Policy and ensure that estimates are presented and approved in a timely manner

Bonus Traits / Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Production Experience
  • Digital Skills