Adweek Ad of the Day: New Hanes Spot Featuring Michael Jordan

July 24, 2014

Adweek's Ad of the Day: Michael Jordan Is Back for Hanes.

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FWA Site and Mobile of the Day: Design by What Matters

July 22, 2014

FWA features Benjamin Moore’s interactive web experience, Design by What Matters, as both Site of the Day and Mobile Site of the Day.

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Cannes Rosé Report

June 30, 2014

Volume One

Name: Chateau Rasque, Cuveé Alexandra, Cotes de Provence 2013

Location: Restaurant Bacon, Cap d'Antibes

Color: Coral

Bouquet: Melon, grapefruit, potpourri

Mouthfeel: Crisp, light, subtle, not overly fruit-laden

Finish: Brief but pleasant.

Server's Name: Hector

Volume 2

Name: Chateau de Selle "Domaines Ott," Cotes de Provence

Location: Carlton Hotel, Cannes

Color: Between yellow and pink.

Bouquet: Papaya, lemongrass, digital strategists

Mouthfeel: Seductive, cedary

Finish: Warmer, especially the bottom 1cm which I forgot about until we were about to leave

Server's name: Alonso

Volume 3

Name: Whispering Angel, au milieu des stratéges, Cotes de Provence 2013

Location: Carlton Hotel, Cannes

Color: Chinook salmon

Bouquet: Vinegar, water

Mouthfeel: I'd rather not say

Finish: Couldn't arrive soon enough

Server's name: Gregor

Volume 4

Name: Evian, Eau mineralle naturelle, 2014

Location: TMA apartment, Square Merrimeé, Cannes

Color: Nearly clear. Really clear. Diamond-like.

Bouquet: Trace minerals

Mouthfeel: Cold, watery

Finish: I think this might be water

Server's name: Ian Davidson

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FWA Site of the Day: Same Days Forever

June 24, 2014

The music video for J. Roddy Walston & The Business' "Same Days" explores human experience in all its weirdness. The interactive site reinforces this idea and makes sure you never watch the same film twice. On June 24, FWA named Same Days Forever their site of the day.

Credits: Hue&Cry The Martin Agency Running With Scissors New Object

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We Are All Human, After All.

June 24, 2014

I could write pages upon pages of all of the valuable information I learned this past week during my time in Cannes at the Young Account Executive Academy, but there’s one thing that I’d prefer to focus on which really resonated with me. Generosity of spirit. Our Academy Dean, Kevin Allen, reminded us that true leadership is generosity of spirit. When you reach a certain point in your career you become dinner table conversation. People will go home and talk about how you made them feel and it is up to you to control whether or not those conversations are positive or negative. This doesn’t mean that managers should constantly be petting egos and only teaching through positive reinforcement, but rather it’s about forming a relationship beyond client calls, budget conversations and production meetings. It’s about discovering what actually motivates someone and learning their hidden agenda to truly empower them and help them grow. People are much more inclined to do good work for people they care about (obviously this isn’t new information, but it’s shocking how quickly it’s forgotten.) Having this ability will create stronger teams and more powerful work. We can all learn to apply natural gifts for human empathy and therefore have the ability to sense what is in the heart of consumers. When you create a profound human bond you’ll win every time, whether it is in a pitch, a meeting with your creative director or everyday life. It’s a human game and one we shouldn’t forget. After all, we are all human.

My team won! The prize? A Canned Lion, of course

The team giving our final presentation to the Facebook clients.

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Our Offices in Richmond and NYC Get a New Colleague in London

June 12, 2014

It's official. We're excited to announce our first international office in one of the greatest cities in the world, London.

Official press release below:

The Martin Agency Opens London Office: Agency’s First Office Outside the U.S. RICHMOND, VA. June 12, 2014 — The Martin Agency announced today it is officially becoming a part of the London advertising community and is moving into 3 Grosvenor Gardens this month.

“Our London office is part of our strategic growth plan, and we’re delighted that it represents our first expansion into international markets,” said Matt Williams, CEO of The Martin Agency. “Several factors combine to make the timing right for our entry into the London market. We have an exciting new global assignment for a client we hope to be able to announce soon and having a London office will help in our management of both our ManpowerGroup and Education First accounts. We also have several projects in the new business pipeline that have the potential to help us grow this new office quickly.”

The agency is currently in discussions with top candidates for our executive creative director and other management team members to lead the London office. Ian Davidson, Martin’s Managing Director – International, and longtime London resident, will lead the office in the meantime. Additionally, the agency will be relocating award-winning creative director Brian Williams from the Richmond headquarters to London.

“London is obviously one of the world’s great creative markets,” said Joe Alexander, chief creative officer for The Martin Agency. “Personally, I’ve long admired the care and craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of the work here. The design, the type, the copy, the art. It’s something we’ve always prided ourselves on, as well. But the proof will be in the size of our ideas and the quality of the execution. Those are the only things that matter.”

The office address is 3 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0BD and will accommodate about 15-20 employees.

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