Delete To Feed on Adweek

September 21, 2016

Land O'Lakes Is Donating Meals to People in Need for Every Food Photo You Delete From Instagram

New campaign from The Martin Agency 

By Katie Richards | Adweek | September 21, 2016

Instagram feeds are littered with food-porn photos of burgers, ice cream concoctions, pizzas and more, but Land O'Lakes wonders if the thousands of users who share food photos every day ever stop to think about the thousands more who go hungry each day. 

With help from The Martin Agency, Land O'Lakes created the "Delete to Feed" campaign, aiming to help Feeding America erase hunger, one Instagram photo at a time. Participating is really simple. Any Instagram-loving foodie can do it. All you have to do is delete one food photo from your Instagram account and Land O'Lakes will donate 11 meals to those in need.

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Posted By: The Martin Agency

Adweek Features Latest Timberland PRO Campaign

September 21, 2016

Timberland Really Wants You to Stop Lying About Seeing This Weird Motorcycle Guy at Work

Start taking responsibility already 

By David Gianatasio

Timberland wants to give liars the boot—a comfy boot, that is, and shoes too, with anti-fatigue technology, so folks won't have to invent ridiculous excuses when their tired, aching feet make them goof up in the workplace.

Come on, some mustachioed motorcycle dude named Fernando—rocking a shiny, skin-tight purple jumpsuit and his own trumpety-hot theme song, no less—didn't really cause a boo-boo at the warehouse, now did he?

Yeehaw! Hump that cycle seat!

"We felt there was more room for unexpected comedy around the excuses people make rather than just trying to make funny films about making mistakes," Trent Patterson, creative director at The Martin Agency, which made the campaign, tells AdFreak.

"This route allows us to highlight a lot of different types of workplaces and workers, and then have those workers tell almost any story," he says. "So, the campaign can go in a ton of directions."

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Posted By: The Martin Agency

Ad Age Features Chevy "Positivity Pump"

September 14, 2016

Chevy and IBM Will Rate Your Social Media 'Positivity'

Ad Age | E.J. Schultz | September 14, 2016

Here's a reason to spread a little more sunshine on social media: Free gas.

That is the reward Chevrolet recently gave to select drivers in four cities to demonstrate the auto brand's new "global positivity system," which uses IBMWatson to evaluate how positive people are on social media.

The global campaign -- which is rolling out today -- allows participants to visit amobile or desktop site to obtain a positivity score based on their social media posts.

Users are asked to enter either their Twitter or Facebook account names at the site. Within seconds the program returns a positivity score. The output also identifies a user's least positive and most positive posts as well as their five most used positive words. Also provided is a detailed social personality summary. At the end, Chevy recommends an experience based on the output, such as "master a new language."

To promote the digital campaign, Chevy recently took over gas stations in Buenos Aires, Cape Town, New Orleans and Calgary. Drivers uncovered their positivity scores at the pump and were awarded free gas based on their scores.

The campaign was designed and executed by The Martin Agency in partnership with Commonwealth/McCann as the strategic lead agency. The effort marks the first time Chevy has used the IBM Watson technology for an ad campaign -- and could foreshadow future partnerships. "While we can't discuss future advertising strategies, the relationship has been great for both companies and we look forward to exploring future opportunities," Karen Toor, Chevy's global content marketing manager, said in an email.

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New GEICO Spot Featuring Ice T on Adweek

September 12, 2016

Ice T Talks Lemonade for Geico, and the TV Spot Isn't Even the Best Part Rapper punts 'the milk of the lemons'

By Angela Natividad

Geico has tapped Ice T as the latest cameo in its ongoing "It's Not Surprising" campaign. And while that may be a surprising follow-up to guys like Marco Polo, he breathes comical new life into the ongoing shtick. 

The rapper takes a break from his packed film and TV career to appear as The Martin Agency's latest punch line. The first ad has a pretty basic setup: Neighborhood regulars, passing by a lemonade stand, lean toward the kids and conspiratorially ask, "Is that iced tea?" "Nope, it's lemonade," they reply, with growing frustration. 

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Posted By: The Martin Agency

Creativity Editor's Pick: KAYAK

September 08, 2016

People Outsource Tedious Tasks, Just Like Kayak, in Travel Site's Latest Ads

First Work From The Martin Agency New York

Creativity Online | September 8, 2016 | Alexandra Jardine

In Kayak's first work from its new creative agency The Martin Agency New York, people outsource some of life's more stressful/tedious tasks -- trying on jeans, finding a suitable date,picking the best lunch spot and keeping up with fashion -- to other people, often with a quirky touch. For instance, one woman has an army of body doubles on hand to try jeans, while another has several versions of herself try out different guys before she dates them.

The point of all this? To illustrate that this is exactly what Kayak does -- compares all the different travel options for you, and helps you pick.

Directed by Tool's Benji Weinstein, the work recalls The Martin Agency's Geico campaigns -- short, witty and with an extremely clear message about what the brand does -- and while perhaps not as "out there" as the brand's previous advertising through Barton F. Graf 9000, it does a decent job.

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Posted By: The Martin Agency

Tic Tac Little Adventures on Adweek

August 29, 2016

Tic Tacs Are Little Adrenaline Junkies in The Martin Agency's Charming Ads 

Big excitement for the mini mints 

By Gabriel Beltrone | Adweek | August 29, 2016

They're tiny hard candies that may be small enough to fit between your thumb and forefinger, but they're still packed with adventure, says a fun new campaign from The Martin Agency.

Anthropomorphic Tic Tacs experience Hollywood-level excitement in four 30-second web spots, featuring miniature worlds wherein mints wear human garb and enjoy human experiences, like cage diving with sharks, riding barrels over the top of waterfalls, jumping classic sports cars over the Grand Canyon and piloting rocket ships to Mars.

Part of the brand's clever "Go Little" positioning (almost like a modern-day version of "Think Small"), the clips are completely ridiculous, and thoroughly enjoyable—stupid and carefree, yet somehow on message.

The writing is clear and simple, with appropriately minor bits of suspense built into each spot. (Will the diminutive green daredevil stick the landing, or explode against the cliff face?) The visuals don't disappoint, either, with charming detail on all the bite-sized models and inviting backdrops. (The spots were directed by Jeff Boddy of Martin's production partner Hue&Cry.)

And that's not to mention the cheesy, retro-TV-style intros. "In a big world … dare to be little," barks the voiceover. Meanwhile, even the campaign's name, "Little Adventures," is aptly on-the-nose. (Stories filmed in miniature are often adorable when done well. See also: McCann New York's amusing work for French Toast Crunch.)

Overall, the point is clear, without having to say it in so many words: Tic Tacs, the heroes in these stories, are, perhaps counterintuitively, packed with flavor. The real question, then, becomes: If eating one is tantamount to space travel, what happens when you pour a dozen into your mouth?

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Posted By: The Martin Agency