Martha Stewart & Land O'Lakes on Facebook Live

April 04, 2017


Martha Stewart Cooks Up Some Land O’Lakes Fun With the Help of a Drone

Latest Facebook Live session featured a special delivery

By Richard Horgan

Today’s lunchtime presentation by Martha Stewart was sponsored by Land O’Lakes butter. And certainly, when the sponsor’s product made its unsalted, ribbon-tied entrance, it was a moment to make note of. A moment that reminded Fishbowl of the live-TV product placements of old.

Stewart, a big fan of drones, called out: “Where the heck is the butter?… Butter?… I hear a noise. Butter?” Entering from stage left was the butter, airborne. Stewart went on to note that drone delivery is the way of the future and also the way of the present in “Martha’s kitchen.”

As senior DJI pilot Edward Kostakis subsequently explained on-camera, the drone in question is the Mavic Pro, which came out last September. It retails for $999.99, provides a flying time of 27 minutes and a camera resolution of 4K.

Stewart owns one herself. Earlier this year, she blogged about some Mavic Pro photo-taking tutelage with Kostakis on her farm. 

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Creativity Editor's Pick: Groot & GEICO

April 04, 2017

Geico's Gecko and Groot Join Forces in Insurer's Biggest-Ever Cross-Branding Tie-Up

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Star Appears in Latest Laffer From The Martin Agency

By Ann-Christine Diaz. Published on Apr 03, 2017

Groot, the beloved tree behemoth-turned-sapling from Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," has teamed up with Geico's Gecko in the insurance brand's biggest co-branding effort to date.

Created out of Geico's longtime agency The Martin Agency, the ad, promotes both the insurer as well as Marvel Studios' sequel to its offbeat superhero film, in theaters on May 5. It depicts the brand's famous spokesreptile watching the upcoming movie and fantasizing about how his platform (saving consumers money on insurance) dovetails perfectly with that of the Guardians (saving the world).

In his mind's eye, he recruits the film's arguably most lovable character, Groot, to tag-team on both missions. As the Gecko implores him to say his famous tag: "You're line is, 'Geico could save people 15% or more …,'" Groot repeatedly (and adorably) recites his own iconic line: "I am Groot."

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Leslie North Named to Campaign US's Digital 40 over 40 List

March 27, 2017

Meet Campaign US' 2017 Digital 40 Over 40

An eclectic mix of marketers, creatives, technologists, PR pros and account mavens who prove that millennials don't hold a monopoly on digital skills.

Leslie North, SVP/Group Planning Director for Digital and Social, The Martin Agency

Like others executives who have been in digital for decades, North likes to trace her lineage from the early days, "from Flash to Snapchat." Her seven years at The Martin Agency illustrates that such experience has benefits: She has built its digital and social business from the ground up, and last year she was responsible for trebling Martin’s social business.

North began her career in digital some 21 years ago, when analog was the norm, working on Barbie and Hot Wheels at Wunderman. From there, she moved on to Anderson Lembke (now McCann San Francisco), working on Microsoft and trying to entice consumers to try Hotmail. She also helped launch Windows 2000.

North stuck with the PC crowd, working on the "Invent" campaign for Hewlett-Packard at Goodby Silverstein and Partners in the early 2000s and then running digital media for Intel at Fuel (now Euro RSCG). North was also part of the team that opened T3 New York. North started the agency’s media team and grew it from one employee to 20 during her tenure. At T3, North ran the Dell business and won new business including MTV, JP Morgan Chase Digital Media and Marriott.

North joined The Martin Agency in 2010 to lead digital media. About two years later, at the request of Martin’s Chief Strategy Officer, she made a career change to develop the digital and social strategy team. Her team of 14 is responsible for leading digital and social strategy across all offices and for all Martin clients, including Chevrolet, Geico Discover Card, Sabra, Tic Tac and Land O Lakes.

In addition, North is proving that Gen Xers can conquer Snapchat. If you want to see how, visit her at "leslieno."

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Stoli: "THE Vodka" Featured on Ads of Brands

March 13, 2017

Stoli Brand Returns to Television with New “THE Vodka” Commercial

MAR. 13, 2017

Stoli® Vodka, the original premium vodka, is returning to television with a new commercial for the first time in seven years. As part of the biggest multimedia campaign since the inception of Stoli Group USA, LLC, the new television spot, titled “THE Vodka,” uses an audacious and visually stunning montage to celebrate the pioneering heritage of Stoli through the lens of those who drink the award-winning vodka. The 30-second spot will run on TV during live sports and late night in target markets beginning March 13th with national digital distribution to include sports and lifestyle properties and premium full-episode players.

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Art Director Rushil Nadkarni shares his top picks to The Recommendation Engine

March 10, 2017

The Recommendation Engine: The Martin Agency's Rushil Nadkarni

by Ilyse Liffreing

This art director would rather watch Netflix Original Series' "A Series of Unfortunate Events" or jam to Bruno Mars' funk than keep up with the Kardashians.

The Recommendation Engine is Campaign US' weekly feature in which we learn about the media young people in the ad industry are currently consuming. This week we get to know Rushil Nadkarni, an art director at The Martin Agency, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

What I’m watching "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on Netflix. I have to admit, Neil Patrick Harris is the answer to Jim Carrey. His Count Olaf is phenomenal. Or as he’d say, "legen-wait for it-dary." Sheer brilliance.

Moreover, I’m a big patron of Netflix Original Series. Another favorite is "Narcos." There are so many hard-to-not-get-hooked-on Netflix Originals. So tastefully made. Oh my god, did I not mention "Black Mirror?" 

What I’m listening to I’ve never been able to answer that question straight. Ever. But I’ve come to a conclusion—Bruno Mars is my spirit animal and boy is his music contagious. I like a lot of the 80s tunes. That’s my jam. And you might notice all that funk and groove in Mars’ songs. Maybe that’s why. #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

I find myself gravitating towards YouTube when it comes to music. I have too many playlists made on it over the years, including a Taylor Swift playlist (she’s rad). So for me, the launch of the YouTube Music app was much needed.

What I’m reading I’m not your typical "I finish a book on a flight" kind of guy. I’m a little slower than that. Here’s one I’m on right now: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson. His story never gets old. I’ve borrowed the book from a friend and I’m halfway through it. Everything in the book is challenging every notion I’ve ever had on Jobs and his ideals. You want to relate to Jobs on one page and the next page ruffles up your sanctity. His devotion was insane and unparalleled. The best read I’ve had in years.

Who I’m following @creators_project definitely moves to the top of this list. It’s an Instagram account of a curated blog by the same name. It features ideas spanning varied disciplines of art and technology. It’s a great place to draw inspiration from. Also a great place to get your mind off of work. Instagram hosts some amazing art and tech accounts to follow, a visual treat nonetheless. Here’s a few more that pique my interest: @newmuseum @newyorkermag @jessicavwalsh @zolloc @8factapp @classical_art_memes 

Who I'm ignoring Everything Kardashian. Enough said.

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