New Executive Committee Announced

March 01, 2018

March 1, 2018

The Martin Agency announced the remainder of its executive management team today on the heels of Kristen Cavallo being named Chief Executive Officer and Karen Costello’s promotion to Chief Creative Officer.

“Today we doubled the representation of female leaders on the executive committee to give men and women equal opportunity for success,” said Cavallo. “Gender discrimination isn’t an HR issue. It’s a culture issue. And the fastest way to change a culture is to level the playing field in leadership.” Making it her first priority as CEO she said, “I’m proud of this news. But we’re not done. Not by a long shot. We’re not diverse enough. We see it. We’re on it.”

50% of officers at The Martin Agency are female.

CCO Karen Costello added, “I love the ambition and multidisciplinary talent of these leaders. They share a collective vision to nurture a culture of collaboration, innovation and positive change. The feeling of momentum inside the agency is palpable.”

The agency will retain its executive committee structure with nine members including four new appointments and one newly created position.

Carmina Drummond will take on the newly created role of Chief Culture Officer. Formerly SVP/Managing Director of Agency Operations, she has always made it a priority to build the agency’s culture. In her new role, Drummond will be in charge of diversity and inclusion, learning and development initiatives, and employee satisfaction.

Along with Cavallo and Costello, Drummond joins a fourth female executive member, Chief Financial Officer Janet White.

Chris Mumford has been promoted from Managing Director to President. He will continue to serve as the account leader across all of the agency’s client relationships. His primary focus will be the coordination of IPG integrated service offerings for the clients who access multiple disciplines across the network, including accounts such as TIAA and GEICO. Mumford earned his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Steve Humble has been elevated from Managing Director of Integrated Content Production and Development to Chief Operating Officer. He was recruited to Martin to spearhead the agency’s rise to a TV production heavyweight and played an integral role in the last five years in its digital conversion. He is the architect of the agency’s in-house in social content unit and its editorial and animation facility, Running With Scissors. Humble’s responsibilities will include building new capabilities along with amplifying the efficiency and growth of our Richmond headquarters.

Jerry Hoak has also been appointed to the executive committee as Executive Creative Director, Managing Director. He has been instrumental in shaping the creative direction of the company, in tandem with Karen Costello. Hoak will continue to work closely with Costello, implementing a progressive creative vision across the agency. He is also a graduate of Richmond’s own VCU Brandcenter, Class of 2005 

Chief Strategy Officer Michael Chapman and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Shumaker round out the slate of nine executive committee members.

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Digiday features The Great Oreo Cookie Quest

February 16, 2018

Oreo hopes to see ‘Pokemon Go’ success in its own scavenger hunt AR game

FEBRUARY 16, 2018 by Ilyse Liffreing

More brands are developing their own augmented reality experiences, as the expense and technical ability needed to produce them have decreased and the desire for mobile entertainment has grown. Oreo is the latest, building its own mobile gaming app called “The Great Oreo Cookie Quest,” which engages users with a virtual scavenger hunt.

Oreo’s game gives users clues to find virtual Oreos in the world around them. Using object-recognition technology, the app can detect whether an object is correct and reveal hidden Oreos. For example, a daily clue like, “What puts hands on your wrist?” will prompt users to scan their watch, revealing an Oreo on their phone’s screen. Each virtual cookie is assigned a point value based on how difficult the clue is, and in a leaderboard, users can see how they compare to their friends on Facebook or Twitter, as well as users around the world. Users can scan real Oreos to enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to either Google’s headquarters in California or a trip to Africa.

“The Great Oreo Cookie Quest” involves Oreo’s partnership with Google, which began in August 2016. Prizes are randomly attached to virtual Oreos, and many are Google-related. For instance, users can win Google Play points or Pixel phones. In Europe and Latin America, the game connects even more with Google. There, the game will be promoted with an image of the Google Android robot.

The game is similar to that of “Pokemon Go,” which launched in 2016 and was one of the first popular AR games, where users search for virtual Pokemon in their surroundings. Users can even store their Oreos in their “Cookiedex,” like the Pokedex in “Pokemon Go.”

“We learned a lot from looking at cases like ‘Pokemon Go’ in terms of best practices for keeping players engaged, sharing with friends and building a groundswell movement about it,” said Justin Parnell, director of brand marketing at Oreo.

The Martin Agency created the game, which took six months to produce, with the help of partners Carat and Gravity Jack. It launched on iOS and Android at the end of January in the U.K. and will roll out across Europe, Russia, Latin America and perhaps the U.S. depending on its performance.

“We wanted to create a proprietary property that allowed us to do exactly what we wanted with regards to object recognition, in an environment that was 100 percent Oreo,” said Andrew Watson, vp and creative director at The Martin Agency. To promote the game, The Martin Agency is rolling out one spot for TV and four for social.

While it’s Oreo’s first social AR game, it’s not the first time the brand has used object-recognition technology. In February 2017, Oreo worked with Google on the Oreo Dunk Challenge app. Users scanned Oreos in the app and then, with the help of Google Earth, launched them into the stratosphere before dunking them into a glass of milk in different locations around the world.

“People are spending more time on mobile than any other device, and they are using it more and more for entertainment,” said Parnell.

Read full article here.

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Welcome to MARTY

February 14, 2018

Marty? You're all "who the heck is Marty?!" 

We can tell you that Marty isn’t a who at all but rather a what.

Marty is mutually beneficial for both of us. “A win/win?” you ask. “For how?!”

Well, for you it's great because it brings you into our office for eight weeks to work with us like a real full-time employee, working on real brands, real campaigns, getting real feedback and probably selling real ideas. And it's great for us because we want to want to hire you. And this very program has been the jump-off point for some of our most talented talent.

So, dive right in and apply today. They say the road to a career in advertising starts with a single visit to a website on the internet. Yep. That’s something they definitely say.

Everything you need to know can be found here.

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Adweek on Geico Ads Interrupting Other Geico Ads

February 12, 2018

Geico Ads Interrupt Other Geico Ads in the Brand’s Latest Fun Preroll Gag
Leaning in to the annoyance of the medium
By Tim Nudd

The Martin Agency has done plenty of experiments with Geico preroll ads—front-loading them with the marketing message so they’re unskippable; fast-forwarding through them to save you time; and crushing them down to a more manageable size.

In the fourth year of their preroll shenanigans, they’re trying something a little different. They’re leaning in to the interruptive nature of the medium—by interrupting the ads with other ads.

It’s called “Interrupt-a-palooza.” There are six ads total. Here are three of them.

The earlier “Unskippable,” “Fast Forward” and “Crushed” campaigns tried to give the viewer a better preroll experience. “Interrupt-a-palooza” does, too—but in a way that amplifies the normally most annoying aspect of the form. You still have to sit through the 15 seconds, but at least you get a bit of subversive, meta comedy along the way.

“In the previous three rounds of pre-roll work, we played with the concept of time. First by skipping to the end, then fast-forwarding through the middle, and last year, condensing our ads,” says creative director Neel Williams. “This year, we took a different approach, but still kept things very self-aware. Rather than apologize for the interruption, we thought it would be fun to lean into it.”

“Getting interrupted before watching an online video is not exactly a Ferris wheel ride,” adds associate creative director Mauricio Mazzariol. “So, these new Interrupt-a-palooza ads are supposed to bring some humor to the issue by embracing the disruptive nature of pre-roll and taking it to a whole new level.”

The work was directed by Terri Timely of Park Pictures, who also did the original “Unskippable” campaign.

Link to full article here.

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Martin Agency Wins GolfNow

February 02, 2018

GolfNow Books the Martin Agency for Consumer Brand Engagement
February 1, 2018

First work to break during NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LII pre-game programming

The Martin Agency and GolfNow announced today they will partner on a new consumer and B2B project that will include strategic planning plus broadcast, digital, and social creative.

GolfNow, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is among the suite of digital businesses managed by Golf Channel and is part of the NBC Sports Group. The technology and services company incorporates the world’s leading golf tee-time marketplace with more than 3.5 million registered users.

“The Martin Agency not only has a proven track record of delivering world-class ideas that build businesses, but also a deep understanding of golf from its 20-plus years of working in the category,” said Jeff Foster, Senior Vice President, GolfNow.  “We’re excited to find a partner that not only can help us show how the technology we provide golf courses can better connect golfers with the game they love, but also shares our passion to help grow the game by inspiring more people to play more often.”

Martin was chosen for the assignment following a three-month review that included six undisclosed agencies with three competing in the final round. Budgets were also undisclosed.

“Mobile and digital technology are revolutionizing every business and golf is no different. GolfNow is leading the way in bringing that technology to life. When the rest of the world is telling you to prioritize everything else, we are telling you to play unapologetically,” said Kristen Cavallo, CEO of The Martin Agency. “For our team of passionate communications pros who also happen to be avid golfers, working with GolfNow is a dream project.”

The Martin Agency’s inaugural GolfNow work centers around the finding that every golfer wishes they could play more, but often let excuses get in the way. As part of the launch, Martin created four videos depicting cautionary tales of golfers who aren’t golfing. One features a golfer who’s been raking leaves for eight years straight, while another depicts an office worker who’s stuck in a gif-like loop at his desk. The line “Why golf later when you can GolfNow?” punctuates each spot. The first spot will premiere during NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game programming on Feb. 4.

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Karen Costello Named Chief Creative Officer

January 26, 2018

The Martin Agency announced today that Karen Costello has been named chief creative officer, the first female CCO in the company’s 53-year history. 

Costello, who joined the agency as executive creative director in mid-2017, was charged with leading creative for all Mondelēz business, both global and domestic – a brand portfolio that includes OREO, RITZ, GOOD THiNS and Chips Ahoy!, and will remain on that business in addition to leading the agency’s overall creative efforts.

She and Jerry Hoak, formerly of Droga5, had taken interim lead creative roles in December of last year following the departure of former CCO Joe Alexander. Jerry will continue to have an elevated leadership role with a promotion to executive creative director and managing partner. 

Says Costello of her new role, “To have the opportunity to lead and work alongside some of the smartest, most talented and hugest-hearted humans in this industry is a privilege and an honor. Creating positive impact and change has also always been a huge part of what drives me so the added opportunity to work alongside a change agent like Kristen Cavallo, who shares that drive, just makes me even more excited to get to work.”

“What do Christiane Amanpour, Hoda Kotb, Robin Wright, Tina Smith, Bozoma Saint John and Karen Costello have in common? They are supremely talented women in their fields, who were there all along, ready to lead,” said Kristen Cavallo, CEO for The Martin Agency. “This isn’t overcorrection or an optics play. This is earned. This is preparation. This is opportunity, grabbed. I’m so excited for what’s ahead, I can’t stop grinning.”

Prior to joining Martin, Costello was executive creative director for Deutsch in Los Angeles, where she helped grow their office from 13 people to over 400 in its first few years and more recently had led creative for accounts including Target, Georgia-Pacific and Zillow.

During her 25-plus years in advertising, Costello has launched brands, created iconic, long-running campaigns and touched just about every category in marketing from cars to fashion to music.  

She has always loved a good challenge, and much of her recent creative work involved doing things that hadn’t been done before such as creating the first ever “living catalog” – a 24/7 live streaming event for Target’s Back to College, having kids create an entire back-to-school campaign and making history with the first music video ever created live on TV for Target and Gwen Stefani during the Grammys.

As the recipient of countless industry awards, Costello repeatedly appears on top creative lists, and most notably was named #3 on Business Insider’s list of top creative women in advertising.

Costello is a strong advocate of using creativity as a driver to create social change, inside and outside of the agency world. She has encouraged the creation and support of leadership roles for women in advertising, delivered keynotes nationwide about leveling the industry’s playing field, helped create humane work environments, built volunteer workforces to address local community needs, and worked on political campaigns.

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