Two Martin Spots Featured in Ad Age's 2016 List of Brands' Most Engaging YouTube Videos

December 28, 2016

Aww! Woo! Ha! Brands' Most Engaging YouTube Videos of 2016

By Rebecca Hia

The top five most engaging videos on YouTube this year, according to research from ListenFirst Media, were largely narrative-oriented, and used humor, excitement, inspiration, and family to engage viewers. Those themes evoke quick emotional responses, and can often be summed up in sounds.

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2. GEICO, Fast Forward: Going Up

3. Walmart, Easter Surprise

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Forbes' Top 5 Ads of 2016

December 27, 2016

In A Year Of Great Storytelling, The Top 5 Ads Of 2016

Will Burns , Contributor

I'm sure I didn't see every single video ad in 2016. But, being in the industry, the good ones tend to quickly bubble up and catch my attention. And the best ones - the ones we can all learn from, good or bad - are the ones I write about. Today, I went back through all of my posts in 2016 - nearly sixty of them - and chose my favorite five ads that I reviewed this year.

My criteria is not purely based on "creativity," but that's an important component. It's based on creativity and strategy. Because a creative film without a strategy is not advertising, it's just entertainment.


#2 Donate Life "The World's Biggest A**Hole"

What I love most about this film is the strategy. By exaggerating how bad a person can be in life, yet still be considered a hero by donating organs, Donate Life dramatically magnifies the appeal of organ donation.

The ad is well cast, well shot, very well written, and builds from an emotionally satisfying insight. So good.

Here's the full review: Donate Life Boldly Launches Powerful Film About 'The World's Biggest A--hole'

Any other year and this Donate Life spot would have been my #1.

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Purina Mills New Ad "Sam" Featured on Adweek

December 16, 2016

Sam the Horse's Wish to Be Adopted Comes True in Purina's Tearjerker of a Holiday Ad

From The Martin Agency 

By Katie Richards

Prepare to ugly cry at your desk or shed a few slow rolling tears, all because of a horse named Sam.

In a holiday ad from Purina created by The Martin Agency, Sam the horse is desperately waiting for someone to come and take him home. All the other horses at the rescue and adoption stable find new owners, but not Sam.

After another Christmas comes and goes, the stable owner says to Sam, "Maybe next year" and cuts to an incredibly sad close-up shot of the horse alone in the dark. He's been stuck in a stable for far too long and is looking for the perfect owner. Then one morning, something changes.

A little girl comes to visit the stable with her family, and the magic unfolds right before our eyes. Everyone's wish comes true in the end with the old man seeing a horse go to a good home, a little girl finding a new best friend, and Sam getting a new family.

"Purina asked us to tell a holiday story about a horse looking for a home, something emotional, and they needed a final film in just a few weeks," Andy Azula, ecd at The Martin Agency, said. "The client said, 'Make sure you get a close-up of the horse's eyes. They say so much.' He was right."

With the latest campaign, Purina wanted to share its belief that there is greatness in every animal, but in order for that greatness to come out, each animal needs a great place to call home and of course great food to keep it healthy and strong.

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New Holiday Spot for Purina Mills Featured on Fast Company

December 15, 2016

Bet This Is The First Horse Ad That Ever Got You Emotional

Just in time for the holidays, animal feed brand Purina Mills introduces us to the sweet, soulful eyes of Sam the horse.

JEFF BEER 12.15.16 

WHAT: An adorable horse named Sam hope to find a human family in this heartwarming holiday ad for Purina Mills.

WHO: Purina Mills, The Martin Agency

WHY WE CARE: And you thought only dog adoption ads could make you cry. The market for horse feed may be somewhat limited, but the YouTube audience for animal stories that will give you the feels is MASSIVE. Purina Mills, the animal feed division of Land O' Lakes (which acquired it from Ralston Purina in 1986), obviously knows this, and decided to use a wee bit of emotional manipulation, some expert casting (that Farmer's face...), and a super weepy instrumental of "Auld Lang Syne" to boost its brand awareness.

The spot ties into the brand's ongoing sponsorship of A Home for Every Horse, an organization that helps bring together horses in need of a new home together with people who can provide them with a safe and caring environment. The folks over at Ralston Purina should send over some holiday treats to say thanks for the unintentional brand halo Sam will surely give them.

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ECD Andy Azula's Favorite UK Holiday Ads

December 07, 2016

Check out the top creative work picked by The Drum UK and US readers, our sponsor, Workfront, and this issue's creative directors Andy Azula, executive creative director, The Martin Agency, and John Treacy, executive creative director, Proximity London who have reviewed the Christmas ads from the UK and US respectively.

US Creative Director's Choice (from UK ads)

In the glut of emotional Christmas films reminding us that the best gifts don’t come wrapped in boxes, Heathrow’s ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ stands out. I love that this was Heathrow’s first attempt and it’s a good one. The storytelling, animation and craft are great. Every shot was well executed, without feeling gratuitous. The interaction between the actors and the animation was seamless and perfectly charming. And the music was spot on, making the whole story seem almost real. In fact, probably the most unrealistic part of this film was how easily the bears went through customs. - Andy Azula, executive creative director, The Martin Agency

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Taylor Wiegert Nominated for The Drum's Young Innovator Award

December 05, 2016

Young Innovator Nominee: Taylor Wiegert, The Martin Agency

Taylor Wiegert

Current gig: planning director, UX strategy, The Martin Agency

Why he is nominated: As planning director, UX strategy, Taylor creates brand experience plans, ecosystems and consumer journeys through customer analytics, profiling and segmentation. Working across and with all agency disciplines, Taylor is the mastermind behind developing online and mobile user experiences for our clients. In this role, Taylor collaborates and concepts with creative teams to develop experiences that consumers want to spend time with and deliver on brand objectives. He leads a team of digital and social media marketers across The Martin Agency’s social clients.

Since he arrived at Martin, Taylor has stewarded the growth of the agency’s social media marketing practice taking it from zero to 12 social clients in two years. He has developed and implemented the agency's social processes, which has proven to improve client social content performance and delivery of brand objectives. He also developed our influencer marketing capability. An asset to not only his team and current clients, Taylor has been directly involved and part of the leadership team for five new business wins in the past two years.

A thought leader with a passion for tech and the ad industry, Taylor created Brave Ad World, a blog and podcast covering digital and social media marketing.

Client-specific experience:

  • Led the experience and development for Land O’Lakes’ Delete-to-Feed social media marketing program that led to consumers donating more than 320,000 meals to Feeding America through social actions.

  • Implemented influencer program for Land O’Lakes giving third-party credibility to the brand and building affinities among influencer audiences.

  • Instituted editorial planning program to ensure client messaging and content across all touchpoints is relevant to the consumer and aligns with brand POVs.

  • Oversaw digital and social campaign launches for Norwegian Cruise Line, Sabra, Tic Tac, Land O’Lakes and Kozy Shack.

  • Executed SMS and social promotion for Hanes to extend Disney partnership, generating 4.3 million video views, 175,000 participants and an increase in Hanes social mentions of 1200%.

  • A 2016 recipient of The Martin Agency’s Good & Tough Award for providing excellence in creative collaboration and execution.

The Young Innovator Award celebrates excellence and innovation by young professionals. See the other nominees and their backgrounds and check back to learn who has won this prestigious honor from The Advertising Club of New York and Google, with support from The Drum.

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