President Beth Rilee-Kelley Featured in AdForum Round-up on International Women's Day

March 08, 2017

Perspectives: Women in Advertising: Beth Rilee-Kelley, President, The Martin Agency

In honor of International Women’s Day, AdForum is showcasing the achievements of women in advertising in the month of March through a series of interviews. 

In honor of Internationals Womens Day, AdForum is showcasing the achievements of women in advertising in the month of March through a series of interviews.  We would like to thank Beth Rilee-Kelley, President at The Martin Agency for taking the time to offer her thoughts and reflect on her career.

AdForum: How would you describe the current overall culture at your agency? How would you describe the culture among your female colleagues and what are the differences?

Beth: At Martin, we describe our culture as ‘good and tough’. Good to each other and tough on the work. We’re a highly competitive group of people who wants to do extraordinary work and we have each other’s backs at the same time.

I think the culture among the women at Martin mirrors that of our overall culture. Gender doesn’t  change the fact that we’re all here to do the best work of our lives while taking care of one another. Nor should it.

AdForum: What do you see as being the biggest change in the advertising industry since women have begun to break the “glass ceiling” into Sr. Executive level positions? What are some of the challenges that still exist for women in reaching the upper echelon of management?

Beth: Put simply, having more women at the top means our senior leadership teams are much stronger as a whole. And this is our greatest challenge going forward, too. How do we continue to propel more women into these leadership positions? Because when both women and men are represented equally and working together, the whole team thrives in a way that it simply couldn’t before and that means the business thrives. The genders bring different strengths to the table and it’s this complementary effect that drives the team performance to a higher level.

Adforum: What do you consider the biggest personal achievement in your career that still fills you with the most pride?

Beth: When I became the President of The Martin Agency. It was a pretty special moment for me. While I was certainly thrilled personally, I can’t tell you what a high it was to be representing all the women at my agency. Reading the emails and notes from my female colleagues and from women I didn’t even know was about as good as it gets. These women truly lifted me up and I found myself wanting to make all of them proud.

And I still do.

AdForum: How do you find the best work-life balance to help you stay productive and creative at work and to help you live a happy, sane life outside of the office?

Beth: I wish I could say I’ve found that magic formula. Has anyone?

There’s never a perfect work-life balance and I’ve learned over the years that the best way to deal with that, is to just roll with it a little more and try not to sweat the small stuff.

I’m a type-A, list-making, planner who loves crossing things off a list. Every day. My list is always long (yes, I do that to myself) and there are many days when I don’t get through it. And I’ve learned that’s ok.

Plus, there’s always tomorrow.

AdForum: Was there a job you had at one point, outside of advertising, that prepared you most for success later in life?

Beth: I was a waitress throughout my college years and that job taught me so much about life in general. How to be patient, how to be a strong communicator, the art of listening, the importance of kindness. And, of course, the feeling of accomplishment one gets from working hard at something.

Hmmm, sounds a lot like this business…

AdForum: Can you reflect on a mentor that helped guide you in your career and tell us what made them special?

Beth: He was a coach and role model who led by example.

He believed in me and let me know that. All the time. He never doubted what I was capable of, even when I sometimes did.  Feeling his confidence in me - his belief in me - gave me the confidence I needed to achieve great things.

A mentor’s greatest gift is believing in the person he/she is mentoring.

AdForum: How do you as a successful woman in your industry plan to inspire the next generation of women? 

Beth: The way I always have.

By showing them what’s possible and working hard on their behalf.

By having conversations and being open and honest about the issues, concerns, etc.

And leading by example.

AdForum: In a few words, what advice do you have for women entering the advertising industry?

Beth: I was just having this conversation with a soon-to-be female college graduate last week. I always try and keep the advice pretty simple:

-        Listen to all points-of-view.

-        Assume positive intent.

-        Find your voice.

-        Enjoy the journey.

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TIAA's "This Is the New Success Story" Campaign on Ad Age

March 07, 2017

TIAA Looks Past Its Rebrand: New Campaign and CMO Ahead

By Adrianne Pasquarelli

One year after the rebrand in which TIAA-CREF became TIAA, the financial giant is looking to build on last year's campaign with a new push focusing on life moments where TIAA might participate, like the birth of a child or new sporting adventures.

The rebranding effort used new marketing including a logo and website to highlight TIAA's retirement services and increase awareness among potential clients.

"We're now focusing more on the evolution of why we're different," said Connie Weaver, chief marketing officer. "But we're remaining authentic and being an engaged ally which lets us go from the story of retirement to underscoring moments that matter throughout life."

Ms. Weaver is also now leaving the company after seven years with TIAA. Though she will stay on in an advisory role beginning April 1, her colleague Mark Elliot was recently promoted to chief marketing officer-corporate marketing from senior VP-customer insights. TIAA is looking to add a new CMO for its retail business.

The "This Is the New Success Story" campaign, created by the Martin Agency, includes one 60-second TV spot, as well as two 30-second commercials and at least four of 15 seconds in length. Ms. Weaver said TIAA is increasing its online video and use of social as well. Last year, TIAA spent around $32.1 million on measured media in the U.S., according to Kantar Media. The brand also works with Weber Shandwick on PR, while UM handles media duties.

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New Benjamin Moore "Century" Work Featured on Adweek

March 07, 2017

Benjamin Moore Has a Brand New Paint, and an Eye-Popping Campaign to Go With It

The Martin Agency introduces Century

By Gabriel Beltrone

Attention, color lovers. To promote Benjamin Moore’s new Century line of paint, the creative team at The Martin Agency wanted to show the product at work, so it created a life-sized stop-motion video of a plain white room turning into an eye-popping peppermint-stripe graphic design.

The minute-long clip opens with a close-up of a striking red hue, before zooming out to reveal it’s just a thin stripe on a white wall—magically growing as the camera tracks right. The landscape deepens, as the red line runs into alcoves, over a white picture frame, and back into the foreground.

It zig zags down a set of stairs before splitting off into two, then three, then more, zipping behind water pitchers (a clever twist on the perspective) and over a record player, eventually convening on on a single wall in its climatic, most complex form—a silhouette of a red-and-white striped paint roller, on a red-and-white striped wall.

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Martin New York Hires Group Creative Director

March 06, 2017

Megan Sheehan Joins Martin New York as Group Creative Director

New York — March 6, 2017 — Martin New York announced today that Megan Sheehan has joined the agency as a group creative director. Sheehan will report to Martin New York ECD, James Robinson.

“Megan is the perfect mix of craft, humor, strategic creativity, new media thinking, and just being a nice, genuine person,” said Robinson. “We are beyond lucky to have her with us.”

Honored by Fast Company as one of the Most Creative People in Business, Sheehan brings with her a breadth of industry experience – seasoned in everything from cookies and liquor, to social activism and new media technology.

Sheehan started her career as an art director at EnergyBBDO before moving to Saatchi & Saatchi and CP+B. She then landed at FCB where her leadership on the Cyber Grand Prix-winning Oreo “Daily Twist” campaign helped push the possibilities of responsive advertising. Most recently, she worked as a freelance creative director on everything from tech to cars to beer. Named one of Creativity Magazine’s Top 50, her work has been recognized by The One Show and Cannes Lions and she was a profiled creative in the new edition of 'Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.”  

“Martin has an admirable legacy—there is real heart and integrity in the DNA. Being on the other side of the tracks in NYC, I’m excited about the potential to help create its rebellious, raucous sister, ” said Sheehan.

Martin New York is located at 71 5th Avenue. 

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Adweek Calls GEICO Pre-Roll "As Entertaining As Possible"

February 07, 2017

Geico Crushes Its New Preroll Ads Down to Nothing, So You Don’t Have to Keep Watching Them

Latest fun and goofy evolution of 'Unskippable'

By Tim Nudd

Geico keeps making its preroll ads as entertaining as possible, mostly by acknowledging that you probably don’t want to watch them at all. In its latest preroll campaign from The Martin Agency, that means condensing the ads down to nothing—by crushing them very literally indeed.

“The following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience,” the familiar Geico voiceover says at the beginning of each spot. The wall on the left side of the scene then begins to move right, amusingly crushing everything in its path—Star Wars trash compactor style—as the talent scrambles to contain the damage, or just get out of the way.

Check out a bunch of the ads here, including some extended versions:

Geico has been making fun and innovative prerolls for a few years, beginning with “Unskippable,” which memorably put the ending of the ads at the beginning. (Adweek named “Unskippable” the best ad campaign of 2015.) A second campaign, last year, fast-forwarded through the middle of the ads entirely, making you wonder what you’d missed (you could click to go back and find out).

Of the new “Crushed” work, a rep for The Martin Agency tells AdFreak: “Confronted with a familiar challenge—keeping viewers from hating an ad they’re forced to watch—we asked ourselves how we could use the medium to entertain and engage. The answer? Take a longer preroll ad and compress it. Literally. The result is five unique pre-roll videos ‘condensed for your viewing convenience.’ “

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"Crushed" on Creativity

February 07, 2017

Geico's New Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally 'Condensed for Your Convenience'

Another Hilarious Way to Engage Online Viewers

By Alexandra Jardine. Published on Feb 07, 2017

Following its Unskippable and Fast Forward pre-roll campaigns, Geico has come up with another ingenious way to get viewers engaging with pre-roll ads.

The Martin Agency's latest set of ads are announced by a voiceover which informs you that the ad "has been condensed for your convenience." And it literally has -- in each scenario the entire set is "crushed" by a wall sliding from left to right. Various scenarios, including a pottery class (seen here -- there's also a funny extended ending), a massagetwo guys playing racquetball and a crew of grocery store employees stacking shelves, are wrecked, while the characters chat throughout about saving money with Geico.

Clever and funny, the spots were directed by Terri Timely at Park Pictures (the same duo responsible for "Unskippable").

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