Supreme Save The Date with Jesse Tyler Ferguson

May 28, 2015

28 May 2015, Funny or Die

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells you how you can convince the Supreme Court Justices to vote for Marriage Equality.

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GEICO Wins Two D&AD Pencils

May 22, 2015

The GEICO team took home two Pencils from the D&AD award ceremony last night. The entire "Unskippable" series was awarded a Yellow Pencil in the digital marketing category and a Graphite in the Integrated & Innovative Media category. Congrats to the GEICO team!

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The Best Business Cards in Advertising

May 21, 2015

Digiday, By Tanya Dua

Agencies get as creative with their business cards as they do with their pitch decks. After all, it’s all about making that solid first impression.

While some keep it simple, many are the sum of carefully chosen color palettes and stylistic fonts that evoke an agency’s personality — playful, bold, hip.

We rounded up some of the most creative in the field. Want yours to be included? Tweet it at us.

The Martin Agency

In 2014, the Martin Agency rebranded itself to reflect the diversity that each of its 543 employees brought to the table. Its business cards are at once consistent across the agency and individualized for each employee — every staffer gets an avatar reflective of their personality: a centaur, a biker dude, a guitar.

“It’s as much about their personal identity as their professional identity,” said a spokesperson for the agency.

The avatars were generated once each employee filled out a questionnaire on the agency’s microsite, said Chris Peel, creative director and lead designer of the rebrand. “The Mad Lib-like tool focused on how you spend your time, the things you can’t live without and other personal questions which helped the generator find the perfect design for you, resulting in an individual icon for each of our 500+ employees at the agency.”

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What's Funny About Truck Leasing? A Lot, Penske Hopes to Show in Its New Campaign

May 20, 2015

Adweek, by Kristina Monllos

Penske Truck Leasing is looking to bring a little levity to the business-to-business world with a new, digitally focused ad campaign from The Martin Agency.

The spots feature various scenarios in which Penske can help consumers or business owners out of a jam—a coffee shop trying to keep angry customers at bay because its coffee delivery never showed up, for example. The goal is to catch the attention of B2B decision makers.

"The reason we went to humor here—and these kind of hyperbolic demonstrations of the essence of Penske—is because in the B2B world, people take themselves so seriously," said Cliff Sorah, senior vp and group creative director for The Martin Agency. "They tend to have no sense of humor; it's all business. The fact of the matter is that when people consume these ads they are consuming them as consumers, and we have to get their attention."

It's Penske's first national ad campaign, and the brand is hoping to make an impression. The 30-second spots will debut next week on

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Spark Some Wonder

May 15, 2015

Wonder is everywhere around us, even in the everyday moments that we might not expect. But those moments need some kind of spark to help us see it. That’s the idea that brought Walmart and Oreo together – the world’s largest retailer and the world’s favorite cookie – to tell a story of the everyday wonders that help us live better in a hundred thousand million different ways.

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GEICO Takes Home 5 One Show Pencils

May 11, 2015

Over the weekend, the GEICO team took home five shiny pencils from The One Show award ceremony. After the entire "Unskippable" series won gold in the short form film category, each of the four videos was then awarded individually in the interactive categories.

Congrats to the GEICO team!

Link to full list of winners.

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