Taylor Wiegert Nominated for The Drum's Young Innovator Award

December 05, 2016

Young Innovator Nominee: Taylor Wiegert, The Martin Agency

Taylor Wiegert

Current gig: planning director, UX strategy, The Martin Agency

Why he is nominated: As planning director, UX strategy, Taylor creates brand experience plans, ecosystems and consumer journeys through customer analytics, profiling and segmentation. Working across and with all agency disciplines, Taylor is the mastermind behind developing online and mobile user experiences for our clients. In this role, Taylor collaborates and concepts with creative teams to develop experiences that consumers want to spend time with and deliver on brand objectives. He leads a team of digital and social media marketers across The Martin Agency’s social clients.

Since he arrived at Martin, Taylor has stewarded the growth of the agency’s social media marketing practice taking it from zero to 12 social clients in two years. He has developed and implemented the agency's social processes, which has proven to improve client social content performance and delivery of brand objectives. He also developed our influencer marketing capability. An asset to not only his team and current clients, Taylor has been directly involved and part of the leadership team for five new business wins in the past two years.

A thought leader with a passion for tech and the ad industry, Taylor created Brave Ad World, a blog and podcast covering digital and social media marketing.

Client-specific experience:

  • Led the experience and development for Land O’Lakes’ Delete-to-Feed social media marketing program that led to consumers donating more than 320,000 meals to Feeding America through social actions.

  • Implemented influencer program for Land O’Lakes giving third-party credibility to the brand and building affinities among influencer audiences.

  • Instituted editorial planning program to ensure client messaging and content across all touchpoints is relevant to the consumer and aligns with brand POVs.

  • Oversaw digital and social campaign launches for Norwegian Cruise Line, Sabra, Tic Tac, Land O’Lakes and Kozy Shack.

  • Executed SMS and social promotion for Hanes to extend Disney partnership, generating 4.3 million video views, 175,000 participants and an increase in Hanes social mentions of 1200%.

  • A 2016 recipient of The Martin Agency’s Good & Tough Award for providing excellence in creative collaboration and execution.

The Young Innovator Award celebrates excellence and innovation by young professionals. See the other nominees and their backgrounds and check back to learn who has won this prestigious honor from The Advertising Club of New York and Google, with support from The Drum.

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EVP/MD Chris Mumford Talks "Good & Tough"

November 30, 2016

Martin Agency exec explains how to be 'good and tough' in the ad industry


November 29, 2016

Chris Mumford, executive vice president and managing director of The Martin Agency, recently spoke at the Newhouse School as part of the Eric Mower Advertising Forum about the current and future state of the industry. The Martin Agency, with offices in Richmond, Virginia, New York City and London, is a full-service agency with more than 500 employees. The agency is responsible for creating the GEICO insurance company’s award-winning caveman and gecko campaigns. Before his talk with students, Mumford answered questions about how to stay competitive in an evolving industry.

What do you feel is most important for maintaining an environment where great ideas are continuously born?

I’d say it begins with a cultural commitment. Everyone is so different in this business. I’ve had a lot of luck being around great people where a lot of great work happens. I’ve found patterns that I’ve followed, and it has been very messy to get to this point. Usually that’s what makes it so rewarding. We’re a company full of love and caring. But we have huge accounts with massive budgets and high expectations, so we’re also managing a lot of tension. You really have to love all aspects, and then it feels like anything is possible. The old ways of making things happen are gone. Frankly we’re in a marketing industry that’s like the Wild West, and you’ve got to embrace it. 

Chris Mumford, of The Martin Agency, recently spoke at Newhouse as part of the Eric Mower Advertising Forum. Photo by Saniya More

The Martin Agency has worked with GEICO for 25 years, and in that time has created infectious campaigns like the cavemen and gecko campaigns. How did these come to fruition?

It’s really easy to come up with ideas that have been done before. Imitating is not hard to do, but what’s hard to do is come in and do something that’s never been done before, and share it with a bunch of people who can build on that idea. Then, you watch the collaboration happen. The key to all this is creating a safe environment, where people can do this and feel great about coming up with new ideas.

These campaigns were the first of their kind for many reasons, one of which was the multiple story lines. Can you talk about that?

You just don’t have this kind of client agency relationship long-term, so it’s quite remarkable. Our relationship with GEICO is different than with most accounts. The way we got to the work that we do for them comes from a very strategic and tactful decision. There were several big decisions over the years that made us innovate in the space.

We were trying to create the personality of the brand, something that differentiated GEICO from other insurance companies. We had four or five story lines running at once, and other agencies would ask what’s up with that? We did it purposefully. One, we had a very large media budget. Second, we realized that the shows people were consuming had multiple story lines. We took advantage of this media trend and started using different story lines in our commercials to create message tweaks. We may have the gecko talking about the fact that GEICO’s been here for 75 years and we may have another campaign that talks about saving money. They all feel like a family of commercials, but they all do different things for us. 

How has the Martin Agency changed in the time you’ve been working there?

The reason I think the Martin Agency has been so successful over the past 50 years and will continue to be successful in this era of high change is our culture. Our culture is built on a set of values and a set of behaviors. Our behaviors are creativity, which means world-class creativity. It’s about collaboration and bringing the right chemistry together to solve problems. It’s about agility and the ability to adapt, and it’s about courage and being able to take risks as human beings but also as marketers.

The way we describe our culture is ‘good and tough’; good to each other but tough on the work. It’s the juxtaposition of really great people that care about each other, but want to come together and do something that’s never been done before. We didn’t call our culture good and tough 15 years ago—but I started almost 20 years ago, and we were good and tough then, too. We’ll keep on being good and tough in the future, but with an emphasis on using cutting-edge creativity to solve problems.

Lauren Renz is a junior advertising major at the Newhouse School. 

Photos by Saniya More, a sophomore broadcast and digital journalism major at the Newhouse School. 

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Latest from GEICO's "It's Not Surprising" Featured on Campaign US

November 22, 2016

Geico puts a sumo wrestler on ice

An unlikely figure skating sensation makes his debut in The Martin Agency spot

The latest spot in Geico’s "It’s Not Surprising" campaign features a figure skating sumo wrestler, demonstrating unnatural grace with delicate moves like "the Flying Dutchman" and "the Baby Bird." The 30-second spot by The Martin Agency debuted this week and is running on broadcast TV and online. The campaign has been running since 2014, concurrent with the award-winning "Unskippable" and "Fast Forward."

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Martin London ECD Dan Fisher Talks Holiday Ads on "It's Nice That" Podcast

November 09, 2016

Martin London ECD Dan Fisher talks to It's Nice That about holiday ads. Listen to the full podcast here. Dan begins at 22:34. 

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Creative Directors Anne Marie Hite and Neel Williams Named to One Show Juries

November 03, 2016

Congrats to Anne Marie Hite and Neel Williams for being named to the One Club Juries for Direct Marketing and Film.

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Benjamin Moore Invites Fans to #PaintTheW

November 03, 2016

Benjamin Moore Is Giving Out 20,000 Stencils So Cub Fans Can #PaintTheW Around Town 

A colorful take on #FlyTheW 

By Tim Nudd

Chicago Cubs sponsors are celebrating the team's first World Series win in 108 years with various spots and stunts. For its part, Benjamin Moore is encouraging a little sanctioned graffiti—painting W's around town (a reference to the W flag that's flown at Wrigley after each Cubs win, and the associated #FlyTheW hashtag) and giving fans a way to do it, too.

Working with The Martin Agency, Moore put up a ton of wild postings with painted W's all around Chicago early Thursday, following the Cubs' historic Game 7 victory in Cleveland. It's also planning a major stunt for the victory parade—making 20,000 16-by-20-inch #PaintTheW stencils that it will hand out, so fans can paint their own.

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