The One Show Names Martin Agency 2016 Agency of the Year

May 13, 2016

Agency also wins inaugural Penta Pencil, 11 Pencils and GEICO named Client of the Year

The Martin Agency was recognized tonight at The One Show as 2016 Agency of the Year. The agency and GEICO also received the inaugural Penta Pencil, an award given to an agency-brand team who, together, have created stellar work for five or more continuous years. In addition, GEICO was named Client of the Year.

“Winning Agency of the Year is huge, but I’m most proud of the Penta Pencil,” said Joe Alexander, chief creative officer of The Martin Agency. “Doing great work that brings great results consistently year after year is tough to do. Like Warren Buffett has said, ‘When I count my blessings at night, I count GEICO twice.’ We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Buffett.”

Of the 32 winning entries, campaigns include GEICO’s “Fast Forward,” GEICO’s “It’s What You Do,” OREO’s “Colorfilled” and Tic Tac’s “Little Loader.”

“The relationship between GEICO and The Martin Agency has resulted in three special awards at this year’s One Show: Agency of the Year, Client of the Year and the inaugural Penta Pencil, which recognizes great work between a brand and an agency over a five-year period,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club. “From a troupe of characters that became household names to innovative  work like the “Unskippable” campaign, GEICO and The Martin Agency have shown that loyalty matters.”

The One Show recognizes the best creative work in advertising, interactive, design and branded entertainment. 

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Tic Tac's #LittleFortunes on The Drum

May 13, 2016

Tic Tac embraces 'Go Little' philosophy with small, personalized marketing stunts

By Minda Smiley | May 13, 2016

Last year, Tic Tac began working with the Martin Agency to figure out a new brand strategy and message that would help the iconic mint brand resonate with millennials.

The result is a campaign called ‘Go Little’ that Tic Tac unveiled last fall in an effort to position the brand as one that finds joy in the little things in life — proving that bigger isn’t always better. As part of the ongoing campaign effort, which includes a number of quirky 15-second TV spots, the brand is also making a push on social to engage with its fans in small but meaningful ways.

Earlier this week, the brand hosted a two-hour event on Facebook called ‘Little Fortunes’ where it asked fans to post photos of some Tic Tacs in the palms of their hands. A ‘Fortune Teller’ then looked at each palm to determine what the positioning and color of the Tic Tacs said about that person’s future along with a small illustration.

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Martin Designers on Instagram's New Look

May 11, 2016

We asked our designers what they think of Instagram's new look.

Here's what they had to say: 

"They spent so much time and money on a redesign that never needed to happen in the first place. The original was iconic; it utilized the space of the “app” shape in a brilliant way, and had a wonderful nostalgic vibe that stood out amongst it’s competitors. 

In regards to the new logo, the icon is poorly designed, something that you could easily just download off The Noun Project. The gradient takes it way too far. The concept behind this decision could have been solved so much smarter. 

Really like their process video but it cements my initial thoughts that they should have spent less time on the theatrics of their process video and more time on the logo itself. 

A friend of mine sent me this and I think it just about summarized my thoughts."  

Katie Whiteman, Designer

"Overall it’s pretty user-friendly. Actual wire framing hasn’t changed so it’s really more of a rebrand and reskin. The new logo is a cleaner retouch of their existing one. More own-ability with cleaner lines. Easier to remember and recreate. 

The colors for the new logo are more fun and friendly, however slightly arbitrary (even though they’re saying its a nod from the small color bars in the previous logo. It’s not. They lost green and introduced purple). Also the loss of the blue throughout the app is as a major loss of their brand language. Seems a bit odd that they would get rid of that.

The blend of the colors within their logo is pleasurable but the gradient is a bit dated. Their overall language harkens to what Apple is doing with a lot of white space and the bright color pop. It seems that they’re leaning on an Apple aesthetic which is cool, but they’re not Apple. They’re Instagram. 

Iconography is updated with thinner lines and made cleaner which makes it more premium. Nice touch. 

Unclear if typography has been updated by just taking a glance but due to the added white space and breathing room, attention is raised to it in a positive way. Seems like a strength for advertising so that brands can pop more. 

Simpler is always better especially for an app where the focus is your content. However at the cost of losing their own brand voice and leaning on Apple’s. Either way it’s a step forward aesthetically. Just wish they didn’t loose their distinct blue." 

- Gabriel Gonzalez, Designer

"Its too basic, too far of a stretch from where they were. They had an iconic mark before that was unique and they embraced it. Now its just a simple icon that looks like it was pulled off And the rounded edges don’t even match the shape of the icon (designer pickiness). At one point during their “process video” there is an icon that is a more simple graphic version of what they had. We wish they had stopped there and hadn’t taken it so far." 

- Martin Senior Designer

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New Purina Campaign Featured on Creativity

April 25, 2016

Our first work with the brand was featured as Editor's Pick on Creativity. Click here for the full story.

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Martin London Hires 4Creative's Browne

April 21, 2016

Olivia Browne, the group business director at 4Creative, is to join The Martin Agency as the first managing director of Martin London.

She will report to Matt Williams, the chief executive of Martin, and will start her new role in the summer.
Browne will work alongside Daniel Fisher, the executive creative director who joined Martin London last year from Adam & Eve/DDB.


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COO Beth Rilee-Kelley Named President

April 05, 2016

COO Beth Rilee-Kelley Named

President of The Martin Agency

Richmond, Virginia – April 5, 2016 – The Martin Agency announced today that Beth Rilee-Kelley, chief operating officer, has been named president and will retain her COO duties and title. Rilee-Kelley is a 33-year veteran of the company. As president, she will report to CEO Matt Williams and take on an expanded role partnering with clients and participating in the agency’s business development initiatives.

“If I had to pick one person who personifies The Martin Agency when we are at our best, it would be Beth,” said Williams. “She has been a strong leader and a tireless mentor both in our company, with our clients, and in our industry. She is smart, witty, decisive and kind. I know she will excel as our new president.”

Beth is one of three managing partners that lead the company’s governing body, the executive committee, along with Williams and Joe Alexander, the company’s chief creative officer. Combined, the three have 83 years of tenure at The Martin Agency.

“The last president of the agency was the late Mike Hughes. It’s fitting that Beth is his successor,” said Alexander. “Like Mike, Beth is an intuitive leader, an incredible listener, and a great partner to our clients and our employees. We are lucky to have her. And I’m lucky to call her my partner and even better, my friend.”

Rilee-Kelley joined the agency in 1983 as an account executive on the Barnett Bank of Florida account and was responsible for opening and managing the agency’s first satellite office in Jacksonville, Florida. She moved to Martin's Richmond headquarters in 1986 and managed the Kings Dominion and Virginia Tourism accounts. During her time in account management, she also worked on Healthtex, Kindercare, Men’s Health Magazine and Remy Martin. In 1997, she took on the role of director of creative services and was responsible for the management of the creative department.

She was named partner in 2005 and went on to become chief operating officer in 2011.

“I’m so honored to be named the president of The Martin Agency,” said Rilee-Kelley. “The feeling I have right now is pretty similar to how I felt 33 years ago. I had finally landed a junior account executive position here. I was the 60th employee on the payroll and was thrilled. And now, to be president of a company you love, working with people you love, does it get any better than this?”

Rilee-Kelley has been a panelist at the 3% Conference and a speaker for the Digiday Agency Summit, American Advertising Federation and the Advertising Educational Foundation. She also serves on the 4A’s Finance Committee, Virginia Film Festival Advisory Board and, in January, was named chairperson of the advisory board for Virginia Commonwealth University’s Robertson School of Media and Culture. In 2013, she was named to the Executive Women in Business list by Style Weekly.


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