"The World's Biggest A**hole" Adweek Features New Donate Life Campaign

August 04, 2016

The 'World's Biggest Asshole' Teaches You About Organ Donation in This New Campaign

The Martin Agency's new inspirational work for Donate Life 

By Katie Richards

What comes to mind when you picture the world's biggest asshole?

Maybe it's a guy peeing into a beer bottle while driving, throwing said urine-filled bottle out the window, grinning as it crashes and splashes on a car behind him. Or maybe he's the creepy guy with a bumper sticker that reads "Caution! I can go from 0 to horny in 2.2 beers" tacked to the back of his pick up truck.

According to a new campaign for Donate Life from The Martin Agency that person, that enormous asshole, is Coleman F. Sweeney. In life, Mr. Sweeney, played by actor Thomas Jane, exhibits all of the worst characteristics of a person. After he dies, one action amidst a lifetime of being a jerk turns him into a hero. But how?

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NEW GEICO Campaign Featured on Creativity

July 25, 2016

Geico Taps 'Big Name' for Latest Funny Spot

Insurer Leans on Marco Polo, Real Customers in New Martin Agency-Created Ads

By Adrianne Pasquarelli.

Editor's Pick Geico has tapped a big name for a spot in its newest campaign -- Marco Polo, the Middle Ages explorer famous for traveling Asia. In a humorous ad that stays true to the insurer's quirky humor, an actor appears as Mr. Polo in an outdoor swimming pool as children play the popular Marco Polo discovery game. Mr. Polo continues to say "Si, scusi," as he believes the kids are looking for him. A voice-over says, "Playing Marco Polo with Marco Polo? Surprising. What's not surprising? How much money Amanda and Keith saved by switching to Geico," as the camera shows real-life Geico customers holding a sign asserting $645 in savings. Meanwhile, a llama noses around the pool. 

The commercial, which will appear nationally in 30-and 15-second versions on Monday, is part of Geico's new "It's not surprising" campaign and is one of several spots breaking this week. The Martin Agency, which has worked with Geico for more than two decades, created the marketing. 

"We are never sure if a campaign will resonate with our audiences, but we have a pretty solid track record," said Ted Ward, VP-marketing at Berkshire Hathaway-owned Geico. "The use of testimonials is a tried and true technique." 

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MediaPost Features Latest GEICO Campaigns

July 14, 2016

NEW! Geico Launches Pirate, Beachy Campaigns

By Amy Corr

Geico launched a pair of TV under different brand taglines. The first ad falls under the "It's What You Do" message and stars a pirate about to make an enemy walk the plank. Whatever the pirate says, his faithful parrot mimics. The parrot then went off-script, reciting things his master has said before, about hiding gold from his unintelligent crew. The crew soon turns on the pirate and some lucky soul avoided the plank walk. The next ad falls under "More, More, More" and features two dads building sandcastles with their kids. One dad switched to Geico to receive more benefits and his sandcastle becomes a work of art. The other dad must have regular insurance because his sandcastles look like mine, humps of sand from an overturned bucket. The Martin Agency created the campaign.

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Calling All Manbassadors

July 11, 2016

Better Gender Diversity Requires More Male Sponsors

Beth Rilee-Kelley | July 8, 2016 | Advertising Age

I first heard the term "manbassador" at the 3% Conference a few years back.

And it resonated with me.

Manbassadors are men who are particularly tuned in to the roadblocks women face in business and do all they can to mentor, encourage and promote women in the workplace. In essence, they're sponsors.

There's a very important conversation going on right now about gender diversity and respect (or sometimes lack thereof) of women by men in our industry. But in the midst of this discussion, I want to acknowledge the men who elegantly served as manbassadors long before the term was coined and who played instrumental roles in the careers of women like me. And perhaps more importantly, I'd like to ask more men to step up and carry the manbassador torch for the aspiring female leaders of tomorrow.

Several weeks ago, I was named president of The Martin Agency. I've worked at this great company for 33 years and it's a wonderful honor to be named president. And yes, it's even more wonderful to be the first female president.

So, a moment like that naturally spurs a great deal of personal reflection. As I thought about what I might want to say to our staff following the announcement of my new role, I reflected on the most influential people in my career.

That's when it struck me. They were all men. And of course they were, because early in my career there simply weren't very many women in leadership positions in our industry.

Here are three lessons I learned from my "manbassadors:"

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James Robinson on What It Takes to Be a Great Creative

July 07, 2016

Minda Smiley | 07 July 2016

The Drum recently caught up with James Robinson, executive creative director at The Martin Agency in New York, to find out what he thinks it takes to be a great creative. Robinson joined the agency last summer as its first New York executive creative director after stints at TwoFifteenMcCann and Venables Bell & Partners.

For Robinson, a great creative is somebody who “knows the rules of advertising but really is in the game to sort of break them.”

“It does mean that you have to know your audience very well,” he said. “You have to know the environment and the media that you’re in, but you have to know how to play with that media, how to upend it, how to change it.”

He also said great creatives have the ability to “stay in that uncomfortable place where you don’t have the answer” for as long as possible.

“I think what happens to most creatives is they find a solution that they think is a good solution and they eject really quickly,” he said. “I think a really great creative keeps rolling that idea around and finding new ways that it can express itself.”

Throughout his career, Robinson’s work has been recognized by Cannes, the One Show and the Webbys. A campaign he helped create for the Montana Meth Project was once cited by the White House as one of the most effective anti-drug campaigns in US history.

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The World's 24 Best Commercials of 2015-2016

June 28, 2016

See the Grand Prix and gold winners from Cannes' two Film contests 

Tim Nudd | Adweek | June 28, 2016

The 2016 Cannes Lions festival has come and gone, but we'll be doing some roundups this week of the big winners and some interesting work from the festival that we hadn't seen before.

Film Lions Gold Winner: Geico "Forest"

Agency: The Martin Agency Richmond 

Production Company: Furlined New York / Cut+Run New York / Mpc New York

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