In 1994, the Government Employees Insurance Company came to us with a challenge: take a low-interest category, an unfamiliar direct-to-consumer business model, an acronym no one could pronounce and an industry filled with scare tactics, and change everything. And we did, replacing fear with humor and adding multiple storylines and pop culture icons (i.e., a gecko, caveman and camel).

Results: In our 20+ years together, GEICO has grown from number eight to number two in the category and continues to grow. The work has also won a few awards along the way, too. But who’s counting?

Did You Know?

Born from the idea that almost everyone knows GEICO could save them hundreds of dollars on their car insurance, the Did You Know? campaign addresses the remaining few, demonstrating how one might react when discovering the news. Our theory? They would probably feel a little left out, maybe even feel the need to one-up with some trivia of their own.