In 2012 we got a great proposition: Take a global espresso brand that has already made a splash overseas and bring it to the United States. Make sure to leverage the product’s uncompromising devotion to design and service, and work closely with global and regional brand managers to ensure the brand appeals to the needs of a domestic espresso market while also aligning with global brand standards. Then, if that’s not enough, act as the strategic and creative lead for a five-agency team tasked with developing a communications plan across multiple digital and traditional channels. Our work has just begun, but the initial results are making our new friends at Nestle very happy.

Jimmy Kimmel Integration

Put Jimmy Kimmel and Penélope Cruz in a room together and it is sure to be entertaining (or at least easy on the eyes). Add a Nespresso VertuoLine machine, and who knows what will happen. Like maybe the whole crew will take a coffee break. And maybe Jimmy will join them. And maybe, just maybe, Jimmy will hand the show over to Guillermo. Maybe. You may just have to watch to find out.