In 1994, the Government Employees Insurance Company came to us with a challenge: take a low-interest category, an unfamiliar direct-to-consumer business model, an acronym no one could pronounce and an industry filled with scare tactics, and change everything. And we did, replacing fear with humor and adding multiple storylines and pop culture icons (i.e., a gecko, caveman and camel).

Results: In our 20+ years together, GEICO has grown from number eight to number two in the category and continues to grow. The work has also won a few awards along the way, too. But who’s counting?

Oddly Appropriate Segues

Sure, GEICO could save you money. But they do a lot of other great things, too. That’s why the characters in this campaign just can’t wait to talk about the finer points of GEICO. These conversational segues are a little odd. But they’re also totally appropriate. Hence the title of the campaign, “Oddly Appropriate Segues.”