For the last decade, we have been reminding card members and prospects why "It Pays To Discover". And despite a volatile economy and ever-changing consumer/credit card relationships, our efforts have helped Discover Card enjoy record-breaking business results based on their reputation for excellent US-based customer service and innovative cardmember services. 

In more recent news, Discover Card has been ranked for the last three consecutive years on both J.D. Power and MONEY Magazine's lists of best credit card products and services. 


The concept of frustrating credit card customer service is not foreign. Peggy, on the other hand, is. Peggy serves as a funny pastiche of all the lovably inept non-Discover-Card operators out there. And he’s became quite a hit. So much so, in fact, Greg Keeley asked Peggy to propose to his girlfriend for him. Wonder which festive sweater Peggy chooses to wear to the nuptials…