Since 1937, when Al Moen invented the first single-handed faucet, the spirit of invention has been at the core of Moen’s brand. In 2009, we partnered with the trusted leader in faucets to highlight this value through a global brand platform. It’s artistry meets performance and it’s the pillar of thoughtful design behind everything Moen creates.


What if everything put itself away? How much simpler would life be? Based on Moen’s Reflex faucet, we asked the public that very question — and we got some pretty interesting ideas. An engineering student from Georgia Tech invented a machine that picks up toys, and our Martin Lab chipped in by building a shopping cart with GPS that returns itself to its corral. We even partnered with Traditional Home and Savannah College of Art and Design’s Collaborative Learning Center to give nine industrial design students an opportunity to work on the Reflex challenge. And from Christmas tree lights to chairs, from desk lights to spices, the students created items all around the home that could put themselves away just like the Reflex faucet.