When it comes to vodka, Stolichnaya is one of the originators. A classic. But after more than 80 years, the brand had lost meaning to the younger generations. Our task in 2014 was to reinvigorate the brand, particularly to a younger audience. So we decided to get back to basics. Be simple. Be authentic. Create an idea that cut through the superficiality of the vodka world. Stoli isn’t just “A” vodka. Stoli is THE vodka, with the history and quality to back it up.

Results: Since campaign launch, the vodka has seen 10% growth in points of distribution and Stoli flavor sales are up for the first time.

THE Vodka

We started THE campaign by creating a bold, iconic look with a very matter-of-fact tone of voice that we executed in print and OOH. For extra impact, we customized our messaging depending on where our ads were running. Online, we created an ongoing animated series called “A versus THE,” covering topics ranging from martini shakers and gay bears, to throwback dance moves and trained vodka falcons. After just a few months, Stoli was back to being top of mind.

In 2016, as a part of a larger redesign, Playboy dropped full-frontal nudity from their magazine. With Stoli being a longtime Playboy advertiser, we saw an opportunity to show a little wit and humor, while also nodding to the magazine's decision to "shake things up". We crafted a message to capitalize on this buzzworthy moment and created print ads tailored specifically for the March 2016 issue.

After increasing sales in 2015 and 2016, Stoli is now cementing its position as one of the only mature brands in the category with "THE Vodka" messaging in 2017. "From its international roots to its award-winning recipe and classic bottle, Stoli is iconic,” says Neel Williams, creative director. “Few brands can claim to be THE in their category, but Stoli has the birthright and confidence to do it.”

The latest work below is a part of Stoli's largest multimedia campaign to-date.

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