Since 1994, we have worked with the JFK Library to promote the legacy of the Kennedy Presidency. Through recreating the landing on the moon to helping viewers relive the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years later, we’ve been able to keep the legacy of Kennedy’s Presidency relevant by mixing history with current technology.

Results: In 2009, “We Choose the Moon” was FWA’s Site of the Year and “Clouds Over Cuba” won 11 Cannes Lions and an Emmy in 2014. Most importantly, though, since partnering with the museum more than 20 years ago, attendance rates for the museum are still on the rise.

We Choose the Moon is an interactive re-creation of the historic Apollo 11 mission to the moon, inspired by John F. Kennedy’s grand vision. The images, video and audio from the mission are a part of public domain, but marks the first time they’ve been aggregated and organized to give viewers a “mission experience.” Since the four-day live event, the site has become a self-guided tour of the mission — a tour that over 3.5 million people have taken to date.